Manager School

There are over 2 million people being promoted into management roles each year, and the transition from successful employee to successful manager is a difficult one, requiring a completely different skill set. Our Manager School program sets your new managers up for success by providing them with the training and skills needed to make a smooth transition

Who should do it
  1. New people managers

  2. Leaders who want to learn how to make their team more productive

  3. Managers taking over new teams

  4. Leaders who want to learn to effectively manage millennials in their team

  5. People looking to develop team management capability

What will you learn
  • The art of communication

    Communication is the key but an elusive key. Every individual has their own filters while communicating with others. Learn tools of effective active listening to transform yourself from a manager to a leader.  

  • Leadership styles

    Leaders are made - learn different leadership styles and how and when to use each. Discover and develop your unique leaderhsip style and how your can improve it to get better results from your team 

  • How motivation works

    To be an effective leader today you need to learn how to create intrinsic motivation and align the core values of the person to the goal so that you can create a motivated, enthusiastic and happy team

  • Creating a high functioning team

    The team's success is your success. Learn how to develop a high functioning, over-achieving team with the right attitude towards success. Learn how to manage expectations, build individual goals and create a culture of learning and development. You can make your team shine!

  • Building an interpersonal connect

    Each of us has a different relationship style. We expect, relate to, give in very different ways. Understanding the various relationship styles will help to not only develop effective relations with your team but also help you build a better interpersonal connect among your team members

  • Ways of working

    Each person has a different way of working, and sometimes that may be the cause of conflict, but it can also become the becon for excellence. The understanding of different ways of working and their benefits will help you appreciate the differences and develop healthy working alliances

  • Art of delegation & task management

    Delegating can be the cornerstone of getting best results from the team. Identifying the right person for the right task and managing workloads is an important aspect. Mastering this art will help not only getting better results but also a good work-life balance for you and your team.

  • Team Synergy

     No. 1 issue today in corporate teams is the lack of synergy. Learn how to build the team synergy and create working alliances among the team. There are small things that you can practice everyday to build that team spirit and create a team that works together towards a common goal.

  • Assessing merit and potential

    Performance management constant effort of assessing and recognising merit and potential. Learn how to assessment methods for not only giving ratings but also creating a culture of meritocracy in the team. You will also understand the common errors and how to avoid them 

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