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team synchrony

Team Synchrony

Whole is more than the sum of its parts - A good team can bring out the best in people, with higher productivity, creater creativity, and performance excellence. Everyone knows what a good team synchrony can achieve but the real question is how to get there? Its not something you can force and not something you can teach. It's something the team can experience and build but only organically. 

How to achieve this team synchrony

Psychology teaches us that feeling of belongingness and association with the group helps in strengthening it. Getting to know each other more and accepting one another helps in this process. To work as an effective team, the members need to understand each other as well as themselves. This means that they need to become aware of their individual strengths and weaknesses as well as that of the group thereby capitalizing on the strengths of each member and accepting the weaknesses. Awareness and acceptance are the two important aspects of this dynamic. Synchronization in team often suffers because people just see small segments of personality of the other person and the behaviour to them seems irratic or unacceptable. More often than not, if people understand each other and know where certain behaviour stem from, they become less judgemental and more accepting of one another. 


Why chose us

We use creative movement, art and drama to help people see beyond what just meets the eye. Group members understand and connect to each other in ways they have never before. t's about discovering others and discovering yourself as a part of the group which accepts you for who you are in a fun and engaging way.

Enhancing trust

Defining boundaries and enhancing trust

Boundaries are an unseen line we draw in our lives, being aware of them is the difference between developing a healthy work relationship and being taken forgranted. The training helps people understand their own boundaries and how they interact with one another. This in turn help to build understanding of unspoken words and builds trust

Understanding others through movement and art

Understanding each other through movement and art

Art forms have long been known to help connect people and build a sense of community. This expertiential training uses the medium of art and creative movement along with concepts of pscyhology to enhance understanding about each other.  It's an experience of not just building a team sentiment but creating a team synchrony.

Accptance and appreciation

Team Synchrony through symphony

With help of music and rhythms the team will explore concepts of collabouration, working individually
and yet together & identifying their team mojo. The group creates symphonies through individual body rhythms & communicates in an unspoken manner with greater acceptance & appreciation for each other.

Building team synergy

Discovering and growing team synergy

Enhance the team performance by discovering stregths and improvement areas individually and as a group. Learn to capitalize on strengths through participation in multiple activities aimed at enhancing creativity and problem solving. The group will also help each other to see the blind spots & work on them.

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