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Interview preparation

Job Interview Coaching

Job interviews for most can be a scary but unavoidable part of the selection process. It can get really anxious not knowing what is expected or how to prepare yourself for it. There would be dime a dozen articles on the internet telling you what the perfect answer is for a question, but that's exactly what interviewers are tired of. The best response is not a standard response but a true response delivered effectively.

Why you should do it

The interviewer is looking for the 'right fabric' which translates into the right set of attitudes, behaviours and competencies. With the interviewers now using  Behavioural Event Interview (BEI), you need to be prepared with more than just your know how of the job. They expect you to know yourself, show leadership qualities, and showcase a growth potential. They are assessing you not only on what you say but also what you communicate non-verbally. 

Through a individual tailored program you would go on a self discovery journey to understand your strengths and weaknesses, your skillset, understand how to best present them during the interview and then hone your non-verbal communication through voice coaching and body language training, such that your words and body speak the same language. 

We don't stop there. We also help you understand your offer letter and make an informed decision based on your career goals. We are with you the whole nine yards.

How we do it

We understand that preparing yourself for interview cannot happen doesn't just by watching a ppt of best practices. It requires a comprehensive training on personality development, self-exploration and behavioural trainings that can create a long lasting change and impact.


All our trainings involve experiential learning techniques using concepts of accelerated learning, NLP and creative movement to ensure the learning translates into knowledge and know how. We bring about the experience of corporate leaders, HR professionals and corporate trainers to get first hand knowledge from the other side of the interviewing table to you in a easy to understand, comprehensive manner.

What you will learn 
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