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About Us

Inception of Best in U

With a background in psychology, Shereen pursued her higher education in management and worked with global organizations as a talent manager. She found her calling in designing and delivering trainings and realized that to make a true impact, the training has to involve not only cognitive learning but also physical, psychological & emotional learning.


With this goal at heart, she set out to integrate new methods like creative movement, expressive arts, neurolinguistic programming, guided visualization, mindfulness & meditation with traditional training techniques to provide a holistic learning experience. Working with these techniques provides the added advantage of being able to access the unconscious part of the mind responsible for most habits, beliefs, perceptions and behavior; thus providing an opportunity to build a change from inside out.


She also observed that humans learn most effectively from experience, thus included concepts of play therapy, to provide an indirect experience in the form of a game which can help to assimilate information (that people already have), into usable and actionable knowledge and use the learning in everyday life.

Using this knowledge, she launched Best in U to help people delve discover their true potential and enhance their capability through unique training, workshops and life coaching sessions. 


Credentials and certifications
  • ABNLP certified NLP Master Practitioner

  • CID-UNESCO certified Therapeutic Movement Facilitator

  • Certified Practitioner in Ericksonian Hypnosis

  • ICF certified Leadership and Executive Coach

  • CCE certified Wellness Coach

  • Certified Group Coach 

  • Certified in Provocative Coaching

Degree and Diploma
  • Bachelors in Applied Psychology

  • Masters of Business Administration

  • Advanced Diploma in NLP Coaching

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