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Increasing Happiness Quotient

Increasing Happiness Quotient

The research is abundantly clear: happier brains do better work. A happy workplace leads to greater productivity and tangible business results. The fields of positive psychology and neuroscience are starting to allow us greater insights into what really does make people happy and also enables us to maintain that state for as long as possible. You may think it’s that 20% pay rise, a round the world cruise or a new Mercedes SLK, but they are more likely to deliver short-term pleasure than necessarily give you long-term happiness. 


SO WHAT DOES MAKE US HAPPY? Being in alignment with your Core Values and being one with yourself.

How can I develop happiness@work

The happiness workshop can help. It is aimed at providing an immersive experience that will help employees discover themselves and their core values, learn to create happiness in themselves and those around them and develop a lasting Happy & productive work cutlture. 

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