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Career Coaching

Campus Placement Interview Preparation

5-step training module that prepares students to match corporate expectation. It's a journey of self development and perspective change that helps them not only during selection process but also to make a smooth transition to corporate life

Career Path Coaching

Frustrated with your job, not sure what to do next to move ahead in your career? In personalised one-on-one coaching sessions, we will help you identify the right career, make career goals and create a career path & action plan to achieve your goals. 

Job Interview Preparation

Wondering how to crack the next job interview? Job interviews can be unnerving themselves, but the added pressure of not knowing what the interviewers are really looking for or how to prepare yourself is sometimes frustrating. We have broken down preparing for job interviews down to a science, and we can help you understand not only how to prepare but also demystify the interviewer's perspective. Our holistic training module includes basic skills like making your CV and even preparing you for stress interviews

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