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Unearth your true potential 


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Career Coaching

Take control of your professional destiny and reach your career goals. Build an effective candidature, engage in a career path discussion, get professional guidance, achieve goals and develop a winning personality.

Life Coaching

Get unstuck and unleash your true potential. A Life Coach is your personal change partner who will work with you to create a path to achieve your personal and professional goals, help you overcome hurdles & reach success.

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Corporate Programs

Not just presentations! Our experiential training programs are designed to include mental, physical, psychological & emotional learning by engaging people in fun activities based on scientific principles of learning.

Wellbeing Workshops

Reconnect with yourself in fun-filled & engaging experiential workshops based on unique mix of therapeutic movement, NLP, expressive arts, guided introspection and Kundalini meditation.

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Featured Trainings & Coaching Topics


We are all searching for happiness yet it somehow eludes us. We connect happiness to people, things, places, money, but none give us a consistent sense of happiness.So what will? Discover the secret behind being truly happy in an experiential workshop which takes you on journey of self-exploration. 



"If who I am, is what I have, and what I have is lost, then who am I?"

Take out time to connect with yourself, the inner child, the part of you that you have lost touch with, the aspect of you that makes you, you. Let's take a journey to find ourselves.

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About Us

About Us

An interactive, fun, deep session. It helped in self observation and opened up perspectives of others. Really enjoyed it

— Priya, Psychology student, DU

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Shereen Sazawal

Founder of Best in U

From a young age I was fascinated with human behaviour, I pursued my education in Psychology, got an MBA and worked as a talent manager with leading MNCs. I found my calling in designing and delivering trainings to help people in their journey of personal and professional growth. I wanted to make a difference and create a long lasting impact, but the traditional training methodology of presentations was just not enough. I realized that to bring about real change one needs to learn cognitively, physically, emotionally and psychologically. Best in u is an initiative to create such holistic trainings and coaching sessions. 


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