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Informed Consent 

Before we begin this transformative journey together, we want to ensure you feel informed and supported at every step. Please take a moment to carefully read through this informed consent form. We are here to address any questions or concerns you may have. Your well-being and success are our top priorities, and we are honored to be part of your path to a brighter future.

Purpose of life coaching:

Life coaching is a collaborative journey designed to empower you to create positive change and achieve personal and professional goals. It emphasizes tapping into your inner wisdom to foster self-awareness, clarity, and growth. Through structured support, we help you identify aspirations, explore values, and overcome challenges.


Process of life-coaching: 

Your life coach, along with you, will explore your values, beliefs, strengths, and challenges to help you gain insight into what matters most and what may be hindering your progress. Life coaching sessions will focus on:

  • Goal setting and clarification: We will work together to identify your personal and professional goals, ensuring they are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound).

  • Identifying obstacles: We will explore any challenges or limiting beliefs that might be holding you back from achieving your goals.

  • Developing strategies and action plans: We will brainstorm and create actionable steps you can take to move towards your goals.

  • Improving self-awareness: Through coaching exercises and discussions, you will gain a deeper understanding of your strengths, values, and motivations.

  • Enhancing accountability: I will support you in staying accountable to your goals and action plans.

  • Problem-solving: We will work together to develop effective strategies for overcoming challenges that arise during the coaching process.

The coach will introduce and use techniques such as NLP, visualization, reframing, and anchoring to help you understand and modify thought patterns and behaviours, tailored to your individual needs and aspirations.



We ensure a safe and non-judgmental environment where all information shared during sessions remains strictly between you and your coach. 


Responsibilities as a client:

Life coaching is a collaborative process. While progress certainly occurs during our sessions together, a significant amount of growth happens outside of them too. By actively participating in this journey and staying open, being honest about your experience, and committed to your personal and professional development, you can maximize the benefits of life coaching and achieve meaningful results.


Client-Coach Relationship:

Life coaching is based on a professional relationship between you and the coach. You can schedule sessions as needed and reach out to your coach during emergencies. You coach may not be able to respond immediately, but would respond to you as soon as possible. 


Mode of sessions:

All the sessions will be online, via video calls on platforms such as Google Meet, Zoom or WhatsApp. 

Duration & Frequency of Sessions: 

Life coaching sessions typically last one hour and occur weekly. This schedule helps most individuals progress effectively. However, you can set the frequency and duration based on your specific needs by discussing it with your coach. The first session will be of 1.5 hours which will be charged accordingly.


Session Charges:

The session charges for each of your sessions are 1200 INR /hr (excluding taxes) which you'll be clearing post every session. You can make payments online through UPI on 9589238004 as well as bank transfers. We have some slots for those dealing with financial difficulties, please contact us to discuss more.


Cancellation Policy: 

You can cancel or reschedule sessions by informing us at least 6 hours before the scheduled session. However, if you cancel with less than 6 hours notice or miss the session without informing us beforehand, a cancellation fee will be charged. We do understand there can be extenuating circumstances at times, so feel free to reach out to your coach for any specific queries or concerns. 


By clicking “I Agree” you acknowledge that you have read and understood the terms of this informed consent form. You consent to participate in life coaching services provided by Best In U and agree to abide by the guidelines outlined herein.

I agree anchor
  • What if I need to cancel or reschedule an appointment?
    We understand that unexpected events may occur, impacting your ability to attend your scheduled appointments. If you need to cancel or reschedule, we kindly request that you notify us as soon as possible. To ensure availability for other clients, we kindly request at least 24 hours' notice for cancellations or rescheduling. Cancellation Fees: Cancellations with less than 6 hours' notice: 50% cancellation fee. No-show: A fee equivalent to a 1-hour session will be charged. Exceptions: We waive cancellation charges for emergencies such as sudden illness, family emergencies, or bereavement. A maximum of three waivers are permitted per quarter. We understand that sometimes unforeseen circumstances arise. If you cancel within 2 hours of your appointment for the first time, we may waive the cancellation fee at our discretion.
  • What is psychotherapy?
    Therapy is like having a supportive partner on life's roller coaster. It's a safe and confidential space where you can talk openly about any thoughts, emotions, or experiences without fear of judgment. Whether you're dealing with stress, anxiety, relationships, or just feeling lost, therapy can help. It's also beneficial for working towards personal goals, making decisions, and embarking on growth journeys. Your therapist is there to support you, helping you discover your inner voice, heal wounded parts, and find peace and happiness. They will guide you through self-discovery by: Helping you understand yourself better Letting go of limiting beliefs Connecting with your inner child Acknowledging and processing your emotions Recognizing and changing maladaptive behavior patterns Transforming your inner critic into an inner coach Creating new neural pathways for better decision-making Therapy empowers you to create a more peaceful and fulfilling life. It's a journey of healing, growth, and discovering the strength and resilience within you.
  • What therapy is NOT?
    The therapist will NOT make the decisions for you but will EMPOWER you to make your own decisions by providing insightful questions that can help to weigh the alternatives Therapy is NOT just a venting space. While expressing your emotions is important, therapy also uses various tools such as REBT, Art Therapy, Movement Therapy, Mindfulness, and many more to help the process of healing & self-discovery. Therapist is NOT a friend to be called upon at any time. Sessions must be scheduled beforehand. However in case of an emergency, you can reach out to your therapist.
  • Can I switch therapists if I'm not satisfied?
    Absolutely. Your comfort and progress are our top priorities. If you feel that your current therapist isn't the right fit for you, we encourage you to discuss your concerns openly. We can assist you in finding another therapist within our team who may better meet your needs. Your well-being is paramount, and we are committed to ensuring you receive the support that best suits you.
  • How do I book sessions?
    If you’re comfortable with the details, click on the “Book Now” button at the end of the FAQ. You will be redirected to an intake form where you can provide the necessary information. We will then allocate a therapist to you, who will reach out with the booking link. For subsequent sessions, you will have the option to directly book using the link or set up recurring sessions.
  • Do you provide an in-person session?
    We do not provide in person sessions at the moment. We are currently focused on offering online therapy sessions to ensure maximum flexibility and accessibility for our clients. However, we are always exploring ways to expand our services, so stay tuned for future updates!
  • What happens in a therapy session?
    In therapy sessions, you'll explore your thoughts, feelings, and challenges openly. Your therapist will guide the process with insightful questions and tailored techniques. Initial Session: we prioritise understanding where you are currently in your life. We delve into your challenges, objectives, emotions, and any relevant past experiences you wish to share. By the end of this session, we collaboratively outline core objectives that will shape our therapeutic journey together. Subsequent Sessions: Next session onwards, we work towards these core objectives. We tailor our approach and select techniques and tools that align with your goals. Some of the tools and techniques we might use include: Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT): To identify and change negative thought patterns and behaviours. Mindfulness and Meditation: To help you stay present and manage stress. Expressive Arts Therapy: To explore emotions and experiences through creative expression. Breathwork: To regulate your nervous system and reduce anxiety. NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming): To reframe thoughts learn tools to rewire our brain Guided Visualisations: To facilitate relaxation and goal-setting. Somatic & movement techniques: To help you process emotions stored in the body. Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT): To develop emotional regulation and interpersonal effectiveness skills. Heartfulness Practices: To foster emotional resilience and well-being We'll regularly reassess your progress to ensure therapy remains aligned with your needs and goals.
  • How often will therapy sessions occur?
    Session frequency can vary based on individual needs and goals. However, for a consistent growth journey, we recommend scheduling one session per week. To simplify scheduling, we offer the option to set up a recurring calendar invite. This approach fosters: Consistent Growth Journey: Weekly sessions allow you to build on the insights and tools gained in each session, fostering a smoother path towards your goals. Reduced Scheduling Hassle: Setting recurring appointments eliminates the need to reschedule every week, saving you time and ensuring consistency in your therapy journey. Momentum and Positive Change: Regular sessions help you build momentum and make lasting positive changes in your life. As progress is made and goals are achieved, sessions may become less frequent, transitioning to bi-weekly or monthly appointments. The frequency of sessions is ultimately flexible and determined collaboratively between you and your therapist to ensure optimal support and progress towards your objectives.
  • Are my sessions confidential?
    Yes, confidentiality is one of the core principles of therapy. Your therapist, as an extensively trained professional, understands the sensitivity of personal emotions and experiences. Whatever you bring into a therapy session remains strictly between you and the therapist. Exceptions to Confidentiality: Confidentiality may be breached under the following circumstances: Threat to life: If there is a threat to your life or the life of someone else, your therapist may need to inform the emergency contact. Court order: If required by law, your therapist may be obligated to disclose certain information.
  • What are your charges?
    We offer therapy and coaching services at the following rates (excluding taxes): Individual Therapy: ₹1,000 per hour Couples Therapy: ₹1,200 per hour Joint therapy: ₹1,200 per hour Family Therapy: ₹1,500 per hour Session Length and Additional Fees: Sessions are typically 60 minutes long but may be extended as per client requirement or to complete a thought or technique. Our standard sessions include a 10-minute buffer at no extra charge. However, for sessions exceeding: 60 minutes by more than 10 minutes: The 90-minute rate applies. 90 minutes by more than 10 minutes: The 120-minute rate applies. Rate of Extended Sessions: To understand payment for extended sessions, please refer to the table below:
  • Do I need to have a ‘Problem’ or a mental health diagnosis to be in therapy?
    Absolutely not. Therapy is open to anyone, regardless of whether you have a specific problem or a diagnosed mental health condition. Often, what begins as a small concern can develop into something more significant if left unattended. By addressing issues as they arise, we can prevent them from escalating. Therapy provides a safe space to explore your thoughts, feelings, and experiences, irrespective of whether they fit into a diagnostic category. Our focus is on supporting you in your journey towards greater well-being and a fulfilling life.
  • Do you offer phone or video sessions?
    We prioritize your comfort and flexibility by exclusively offering online therapy sessions. To ensure secure and convenient communication, we utilize various platforms based on your preference. These options include video conferencing via Google Meet and WhatsApp, as well as direct phone calls.
  • How do I pay for the sessions?
    You can make payment through any of the following methods Gpay (or any UPI app) on 9589238004 Scan the QR CODE below and make the payment Bank account number (you can check in with us for the bank account details) Link for international payments (you can let us know if you require this)
  • What if the charges are too high?
    We understand that financial constraints can make accessing therapy difficult. We offer a limited number of slots at a discounted price for those who are struggling financially and cannot afford therapy. Please contact us to learn more about eligibility and availability of these slots, or to discuss your situation and explore affordable therapy options. Rest assured, all conversations regarding financial assistance are completely confidential.
  • What if I need more than or less than 1 session a week?
    We do appreciate that each person is unique and they may require a higher or lower frequency of sessions based on their situation. You can let your therapist know the frequency you are comfortable with.
  • How do I know if I need therapy?
    Therapy is for everyone since it’s a journey of self-discovery that fosters growth. You may consider therapy if you: Are facing challenges: Feeling overwhelmed, stuck, or lost; experiencing constant anxiety, sadness, or numbness; or having difficulty sleeping or focusing on tasks. Prioritize emotional well-being: Desire to feel happier, improve self-care practices, or connect with yourself on a deeper level. Notice unhealthy patterns: Encounter repetitive patterns in relationships or struggle to make the right choices due to limiting beliefs. Are interested in personal growth: Strive for more balance, seek to unlock your full potential, and aim for greater fulfillment in life. Remember, therapy isn't just about fixing problems; it's about empowering yourself to thrive.
  • How many sessions will I need?
    The number of sessions varies based on your unique goals and challenges; some clients need only a few sessions, while others benefit from ongoing support. Together with your coach, you'll set goals and regularly check progress to make necessary adjustments. When you achieve your goals and feel ready to continue independently, you can choose to conclude your journey, determining the pace and completion yourself.
  • What are the session charges?
    We offer coaching services at the following rates (excluding taxes): 60 Minutes Session: ₹1,200 90 Minutes Session: ₹1,800 120 Minutes Session: ₹2,400 Session Length and Additional Fees: Sessions are typically 60 minutes long. We understand that sometimes a session may need to run a little longer to ensure we properly address your needs or complete a technique. We include a 10-minute buffer period at no additional charge to accommodate these situations. However, if a session extends beyond: 60 minutes by more than 10 minutes: The 90-minute rate applies. 90 minutes by more than 10 minutes: The 120-minute rate applies.
  • How is life coaching different from therapy?
    Life coaching focuses on the present and future, helping you move forward and achieve your goals. Therapy typically addresses past experiences and emotional issues that may be holding you back.
  • What qualifications should a life coach have?
    While there is no single set of required qualifications, many reputable life coaches have certifications from recognized coaching organizations, such as the International Coach Federation (ICF). They often have backgrounds in psychology, counseling, business, or related fields.
  • What is life coaching?
    Life coaching is a collaborative process where you partner with a trained professional to unlock your potential and achieve your personal and professional goals. Your coach will act as a sounding board, helping you identify your strengths, overcome challenges, and develop actionable strategies to create a more fulfilling life.
  • Is life coaching confidential?
    Yes, life coaching sessions are typically confidential, and coaches are bound by ethical guidelines to maintain client privacy and confidentiality.
  • Do I need to commit to a long-term coaching program?
    No, you don't necessarily need to commit to a long-term program. Sometimes you may have a short term goal, for which you require only a few sessions, while at other times you may need a more consistent support program. The best approach depends on your individual needs and preferences.
  • How often do I need to meet with my life coach?
    The frequency of coaching sessions varies depending on individual needs and preferences. Some clients may benefit from weekly sessions, while others may opt for bi-weekly or monthly meetings.
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